NELTP Events Archive 2020-2021

Anti Racism in Social Work Practice, April-July ’21

“The presentation given by Wayne was very inspirational, informative and inclusive.”
Helen Harding
Head of Service MASH, Early Intervention and Edge of Care
“The whole presentation was very informative and a great reminder of the gravity of this social ill ”racism”.
Priscilla Zindi
Locality Manager Adult Social Care
“All of the training was useful/valuable and in my future practice will be more conscious of the language being used”.
Wendy Howell
Social Worker

What is Self Care and why is it so vital?, April ’21

“This training helped me to acknowledge why self care is important, and how this can impact how I function, my concentration levels and my general health. I liked how open everybody was in the group, as it really got my to think about other peoples experiences and what they do in terms of self care, and how we all manage a work life balance”.
Samantha Larman
Social Worker – Waltham Forest
“I really enjoyed the breakout room activities. Everyone was honest/open in these and you could relate to other attendees experiences – it was good that we had representation from a number of boroughs as it helped when sharing ideas and thoughts”.
Charles Hale
Business Administrator – Havering
“Enjoyed the session. IT was excellent. Presenter was knowledgeable and fun to interact with. Thank you”.
Estelle Mukonorwi
Social Worker – LBBD

Safeguarding and Carers, March ’21

“The case study expanded my awareness of the diverse ways dementia can present in individuals and the resulting harm on carers. It challenged my assumptions that dementia is associated with old age and frailty”.
J Sas
Student Social Worker – LBBD
“I think the training gave me a good overview and update on this very important topic. This will help me to identify if carers are experiencing abuse and how best to support them”.
Sally Marvin
Social Worker – Waltham Forest
“The group exercise and discussion after helped in bringing together participants experiences and understanding of safeguarding carers”.
Adekunle Balogun
Social Worker – Redbridge

Mental Health & the Workplace – Personality Disorders, February ’21

“My knowledge of pd has been greatly enhanced and I will be able to link what I have learned today with colleagues and service users in the future, giving me a better understanding of their perspective of the situation and that is why they may be reacting as they are. Obviously cannot be linked to everybody but it may help with those that are challenging”.
Hayley Scott
Student Social Worker – Havering
“It increased my knowledge base about personality disorders significantly. The session was very well thought out, and as my prior knowledge of personality disorders was mainly around borderline personality disorder this was all new information to me. It has significantly impacted the way in will practice in future”.
Gloria Eau
Therapeutic Social Worker- Tower Hamlets
“It was quite satisfactory to have gained a more in-depth awareness around the topic and it has opened an appetite to research some more things that have been made mention in the session”.
Sabina Atomei
Social Worker – Newham

Using Objects in Social Work, March ’21

“I think it was very useful to think about how important objects can be to those who move frequently. As someone who has lived in almost as many houses as I have years I could very much relate and certainly will consider this when working with looked after children”.
Jacqueline Mcnee
Social Worker – LBBD
“The understanding of possessions and objects in relation to their emotional worth to an individual I felt was extremely powerful and reflecting on this with the other participants created a further understanding”.
Grace Allen
Social Work Senior Practitioner – Redbridge
“Interactive session on meanings of objects in relation to a person’s experience”.
Sotonye Emuchay
Social Worker LBBD

Positive Father Involvement, February ’21

“Every bit of the training was valuable to me. I learnt a lot of new things, which made me more aware of the impact of father’s presence in a child’s life. I will be considering this in my practice”.
Lucie Hushie
Student Social Worker – LBBD
“I found valuable the interactive part where participants shared their experience of barriers to engagement. Also the part where the Trainer talk about strategies to effectively engage fathers”.
Bola Echanah
Social Worker – Tower Hamlets
“I liked the part where we had to put our opinions into the weblink. This helped with me seeing a bigger picture and seeing other people‚Äôs views on it”.
Student Social Worker – Havering

Webinar Series with Siobhan MAclean, December ’20

“I enjoyed learning about different methods supporting and mentoring students especially during Covid 19. There are useful tools around supervision and practical use of theories into practice. In additional to this, the training session gave me the awareness and insight around reflective time and space to be able to do this and greater understanding around secondary trauma. Thank you to the trainer, a very useful and beneficial training”.
Shahin Zahir
Senior Social Worker – Redbridge
“All aspects of the presentation was very helpful. This helps me to reflect on my practice and how I could transfer this knowledge to my colleagues providing supervision. As a trainee Practice Educator, this helped to reflect on my work with my student. the practical tips provided were very useful and I would be using this in my own practice”.
Mary Joseph
Practice improvement and audit manager
– Waltham Forest
“The sharing of experiences from Siobhan Maclean. I am relatively new to student training and so this was an eye opener for me”.
Andrew Reeves
Senior Practitioner – Redbridge