How can I develop my current social work practice?

What opportunities exist for continuing professional development courses?

The North East London Partnership commissions continuing professional development programmes for Social Workers within the partnership, the current programme is available within the learning section of this website

See our learning page for information about courses

How can develop my professional network

Discuss with your manager opportunities to attend seminars and development sessions both within your place of work as well as externally. Look at opportunities in publications and discuss with your manager as part of your annual CPD discussion.

Practice Education – What’s in it for me?

I have been a Practice Educator since 2007, I find supporting the learning and development of student social workers rewarding. I it see as an essential part of practice for me to impart with the knowledge, skills and experiences I have gained through almost 20 years of social work practice. The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham has consistently provided a high number of student social work placements the work of the teaching partnership will compliment our high quality practice placements. Practice Education enables individual social workers and organisations that are supporting students to get to learn and grow in their own practice. Every social worker can add value in what they can do to support students on their career journey and vice versa. Practice Education and academic teaching is not just a CPD opportunity for all, but supports good outcomes for service users with high quality social work and enables practitioners to reflect on their practice and think about what we do and why we do it. It also develops supervisory skills and assists with learning and development of the future generation of frontline practitioners.

Inducting new social workers

A guide to inducting social workers