3 Buddhas


Sue Swaine

Your Experience and involvement with Social Work

Since qualifying in 2003, I have worked in the front line in Adults teams, I have been fortunate to have met a range of genuinely nice people and worked alongside some tremendous professional work colleagues. I am a reflective practitioner and have always treated people how I would like to be treated, putting myself into the persons shoes, always considering how would I like to be spoken to? what would I think? what would I want this social worker to do for me? when am I going to get the service? how much is it going to cost? if I am running late always ensuring to contact the person or family member informing I am going to be late as I am aware this prevents anxiety. I have been an active Practice Educator where I have promoted the values in social work to each of my students. I am pleased several students are now employees in Havering. Last year I gained the position as the Practice Learning leadership Excellent Consultant (PLLEC) for Havering where I have been able to share my experiences with students from London Met Uni and University of East London.

Write briefly why you chose this object and what it means to you

The reason for my object is, when I was studying whilst working within the Mental Health team a very courteous gentleman found 3 Buddha’s and gave them to me to wish me luck. I have always sat them on my desk where ever I have been based and they have always led to a conversation with colleagues and students over the years. My plan when I do retire is to share the luck and give them to 3 workers who have made my career such a memorable career.