Young Adults and the Landscapes of Vulnerability

Date and time

Thu, 17 June 2021

10:00 – 13:00 BST

Talks reflecting on approaches to protecting vulnerable young adults, with presentations from guest speakers followed by a discussion.

About this event

Welcome to our second talk in the ‘Safeguarding Across the Life Course’ symposium series.

Our ‘Young Adults and and Landscapes on Vulnerability’ talk will focus on the themes of sexual and criminal exploitation, as well as substance misuse and mental health. We have some very interesting speakers and presentations lined-up, with a lively discussion expected to follow.

Young people face a number of risks from forms of abuse on an everyday basis – from gender-based violence to the criminal exploitation of the young, and from self-harm to struggles with mental health. An understanding of the nature and development of relationships and behaviours that constitute abuse is essential if the principles of safeguarding are to be met in practice.

Following our experts’ presentations, the discussion will reflect on how recent critiques point to the impact of the ‘managerial’ approach to protecting the vulnerable suggesting that too much emphasis may be placed on the technical language of risk management at the expense of an empathetic approach to protection.


Angela Phoenix (London Metropolitan University) on victims and domestic violence

Neena Samota (St Mary’s University) on the young and criminal exploitation

Tom Lee (Cyber Crime Unit, Metropolitan Police) on online fraudFor internal use only:

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