Staying well and safe this summer with Covid 19

Temperatures are set to rise to around 29c and residents are being asked to take extra care.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, more people are staying at home, either working, furloughed, shielding, self-isolating or recovering from the Covid 19 infection and are therefore, potentially at higher risk of harm from heat.

This includes children learning at home or in school.

Some adults are also more vulnerable to harm from both severe heat and Covid 19, including older people living on their own or in care homes, those with chronic health conditions such as dementia, breathing, mental health problems or with a disability.

As one in five homes in England are likely to overheat, people should take care to avoid extreme heat whilst following guidelines to reduce the risk of Covid 19 infection.

The following tips may be helpful.

Keeping your home cool

Staying cool and well

Look out for others

Read more advice from Public Health

Originally published by: The London Borough of Havering
Original date of publication: 23 June 2020