Social Work Ethics Club

About this event

It’s back! Join us for the exciting return of the Social Work Ethics Club! We’re thrilled to offer a space where professionals from local authorities, health, education, community sectors, and student social workers can come together.

What is the Ethics Club?

The Social Work Ethics Club is a dynamic forum designed to unite individuals across various sectors of social care—both adult and children’s services. Our goal is to engage in meaningful discussions about ethical dilemmas that impact our work, the communities we serve, and society at large.

Session Format:

Each session focuses on a specific topic, chosen by popular vote from our club members. This participatory approach ensures that our discussions are relevant and valuable to all attendees. During the meet-up, we will reflect on and discuss the selected topic, exploring its implications on our professional practices and beyond.

Why You Should Attend:

Booking Information:

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Please contact Noshin Mohamed; for further information and any booking queries.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next session and embarking together on this journey of ethical exploration!

The following are the dates (all on a Thursday at 1pm-2pm)

– 2nd May

– 13th June

– 11th July

– 8th August

– 12th September

– 10th October

– 7th November

– 5th December