Join Us at “Crime of the Century” Theatre Performance by Chickenshed

We are excited to invite you for a captivating “Crime of the Century” performance by the Chickenshed Theatre. This hard-hitting, raw piece of theatre explores the issues surrounding gang violence.

This free in-person theatre experience will be held on 11th March.  The event will take place at London Met, 166-220 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DB.

Using Theatre as a Positive Tool
The genesis of “Crime of the Century” stems from the heart-wrenching loss of three teenagers associated with Chickenshed due to knife crime and gang violence. In response, Chickenshed embarked on producing this piece of theatre as a positive tool to raise awareness, and inspire change within communities.

This promises to be a powerful production full of ideas, energy and dynamics that will trigger further discussion.

We have two available time slots to choose from:

  • 10am
  •  2pm

To find out more information about the performance and proceed with registration, please visit the Eventbrite page at 

Staff will be on hand in the reception area to offer you further assistance and guide you through the building. You are strongly advised to come 10 minutes before the performance starts.

We look forward to seeing you there!