Children’s neglect, imminent risk and lived experience – Online Session

In January, we held our first session of the NELTP development programme for the 2023 year, which is planned to feature a variety of online and in-person events to support social work professionals across our partnership.

The session focused on the child’s neglect and on analysing the child’s lived experience and was attended by approximately 60 social work professionals across the partnership. The Social Work Training Collective, composed of child protection social workers with over 40 years of front-line experience who have set up a training collective that aims to provide creative learning spaces for social workers, delivered the two-hour session. 

Participants could refresh their knowledge and learn more about the following areas:

The collected feedback highlights the importance of providing learning exchange opportunities. Participants’ insight will help the partnership provide ​sessions/workshops​ where social workers can reflect​ and develop​ their practice​. ​

Some participants shared their comments with us: 

“The case study example was a good way to see how a child feels and not always how the professional thinks on a case.”

“I enjoyed the case studies, putting myself in the shoes of the children, thinking about what their lived experience is on a daily basis. It enables us as professional to think how best we can support, safeguard and evidence the work we do with children and their families.”

“I think it gave space for reflection and thought – holding the child’s needs at the centre of all processes.”

Lara Hastings and Cynthia Debra, who hosted this session, shared the message for the NELTP: “We enjoyed providing the session for North East London Teaching Partnership. We are grateful to Anna Jakobczak for her tech support and her helpfulness before, during and after the session. We had over 50 participants join the session and there was good participation and engagement through the 2 hour session. The Case Study generated good discussion and the feedback indicated that the process was helpful in considering the child’s lived experience. The feedback received after the session was very positive and we look forward to providing further sessions to NELTP in the future.”

We would like to thank both the presenters and all who attended the session. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming partnership events!