“What is Self-care and why is it so Vital?”

The North East London Social Work Teaching Partnership held the first (of two) “What is Self-care and why is it so vital?” virtual workshop on Monday 22nd March 2021. This was delivered by Kate Collier, Practice and Development Director, and co-founder of SelfCare Psychology.

The workshop was interactive and engaging, and participants were able to better understand the different conditions of Professional Trauma and Fatigue:

and the evidence based Five Pillars of Protection, designed by those at SelfCare Psychology, used to provide a buffer against the impact of professional trauma and fatigue:

Also discussed was ‘How important do you think self-care is?’ and ‘How well do you prioritise self-care?’ As front-line workers, our own self-care is something that we don’t always prioritise due to time, energy or feelings of guilt, and this is something that we need to change and to work on.

If we dedicate 10 minutes a day to ourselves; to use the time to have a walk, do something creative or just to relax and re-charge, it is a small step in looking after your own self-care and wellbeing.

If you visit our Resources: Covid-19 page, you’ll find a direct link to SelfCare Psychology’s ‘Self Care Act’ cards, which have been designed to support front-line workers and their wellbeing. You may even find something that you can use as your 10 minutes of ‘me’ time.