Redbridge outstanding OfSTED

Yesterday OFSTED published their final inspection report into our Children’s Social Care services. I am very pleased to announce that they graded Redbridge ‘Outstanding’ – which is the highest possible grading. We are now one of a handful of ‘outstanding’ local authorities nationwide.

This is testament to the work and commitment of staff in the children and families department, and colleagues elsewhere in the council and across our partner agencies, over very many years. The achievement is even more remarkable when we consider that we are the lowest funded children’s services departments per head of population in London, and one of the lowest in the country.

“This exceptional leadership is, in equal parts, enabling and challenging, promoting best practice and innovation. Staff enjoy working in Redbridge. They feel safe and well supported. This results in purposeful work to keep children at home safely whenever it is possible and safe to do so. This exemplary management has created conditions that afford workers the time, professional expertise and capacity to get to know children and young people well and exercise their professional expertise. This best practice secures positive experiences and good progress for children.”

It exemplifies all that we are trying to achieve in Redbridge – pushing responsibility as close to the front line as possible, trusting staff to make good judgements, and supported by skilled and empathetic leaders and managers. This is exactly what ‘One Brilliant Team’ is all about.

You can read the full report here: read the report, whatever your role in the Council. It is uplifting, and really clearly demonstrates how this part of the Council lives and breathes the Council’s four values.

Andy Donald, Chief Executive.