Practice Education Webinars with Siobhan Maclean

North East London Social Work Teaching Partnership in conjunction with Siobhan Maclean recently held webinars for Practice Educators.

Facilitating student learning in a virtual world ( 03 November, 2020)

This webinar considers the impact of current ways of working on student learning. What should a contemporary practice-learning curriculum look like? Drawing on traditional learning theories we will explore how practice educators can support student social workers to learn and develop their practice when placement learning environments look so different. Issues around situated learning and arranging learning opportunities to help students demonstrate the PCF domains will be addressed. The session includes feedback from students about learning in the contemporary climate. The perennial learning issues of theory and practice and reflective practice will be considered in terms of changed ways of working.

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To watch Webinar 1 recording, please click here.

Supervision in a virtual world ( 17 November, 2020)

Building on the first webinar, this session considers what a good reflexive supervision looks like in contemporary practice. How do you provide emotionally supportive supervision in a virtual space? Once again, the session draws on feedback from students. Some short clips of reflective supervision are shared with some interactive elements. Practical hints and tips are provided to enable practice educators to add to their current supervision toolkit.

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To watch Webinar 2 recording, please click here.

Assessment in a virtual world ( 4 December, 2020)

This webinar explores triangulation of assessment in the virtual world. This involves considering questions like – How do you undertake a direct observation of virtual practice? What should this look (and feel) like? How does contemporary practice link with the assessment requirements in social work practice? What are some of the barriers and enablers in terms assessment for practice educators? The specific issue about how to have a ‘courageous conversation’ and provide feedback to students in virtual spaces will be explored.

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To watch Webinar 3 Recording, please click here.

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