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January – February 2022

The North East London Social Work Teaching Partnership (NELTP) is looking for participants for a Strengths-Based Practice Action Learning Sets research project, which we hope will help us deliver significant improvements and development in providing adult services across the whole of our partnership. 

The primary focus of the project will be developing skills in applying a Strengths-Based Practice approach to all practice elements. Restrictions imposed by the government during the Covid-19 lockdown have exacerbated the need for face to face work, networking and learning from good practice. This is relevant for newly qualified social workers in their early career post ASYE, more experienced social workers and their managers embracing a strengths-based way of working.

We are looking for participants to join groups of six to eight to meet regularly between January – February 2022. Groups will agree to meet for a maximum of 3-hour sessions, on up to four occasions before the end of February. If selected for the project, we will contact you closer to the date with details of the exact place, time scale, and more detailed information about the project. 

What is an Action Learning Set?

Action Learning Sets are a good way to understand problems for people who may be having difficulty developing effective solutions in some way. This technique encourages participants to look at the problematic situation from alternative angles while developing steps to help them move ahead. In each meeting, members discuss a real problem they are facing. The group evaluates that issue through listening and questioning rather than suggesting solutions or giving advice. Throughout the process, the participants often revisit the situation and decide on a personal approach to interacting with the newly discovered aspects of the obstacle. Each session will be run by a professional facilitator who will contribute to creating an environment of trust from the outset, where participants will feel safe to speak and explore multiface issues. Meetings will uphold an open-minded, neutral and accepting approach. 

What are the Benefits of Participating?

This is a fantastic opportunity to share challenges you are experiencing in your role and to learn about barriers others face. Presenting the current work-related issue might be a transformative experience of self-discovery, changing people’s viewpoints on complex problems. In addition, learning through the lenses of a dynamic group-based approach where different perspectives are shared might influence participants’ creativity and critical thinking.

Action Learning Sets aim to:

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