Georgiana Ndlovu, a London Metropolitan University MSc student invited to talk at BASW online event

A proud moment for London Metropolitan University. Georgiana Ndlovu, a final year MSc Social Work student and Co-Editor of The Loop, (social work magazine), has been approached to be a part of an online panel discussion entitled; ‘Social Work Future – Media and Public Perceptions of social work, impact and change’. Taking place on the 28th March at 12pm.

Here are her thoughts on this upcoming online event and topic of discussion:

“I was really excited to have been approached to sit on the Media and public perceptions of social work, impact and change panel discussion as it is a subject that is close to my heart and I’d recently written a piece on this subject area for BASW magazine. For so many members of the public there seems to be an undeserved fear and antipathy towards social workers, bolstered I’m sure by the seemingly never ending slew of sensationalist stories that litter the media when a serious case finds itself in the headlines.
While the media and public perceptions of social work might have softened since say the tragedy of Baby P there is still work to be done and I believe the media should be working together with social workers at every opportunity to provide a balanced yet honest portrayal of social work practice to the public one that while not shying away from often difficult realities is sensitive and digestible after all I’d argue many, if not most will be touched by social work at some point in their lives.
The media must do its job and show the real picture of social work and social workers must do theirs and be brave in opening up to the media where possible and in doing so allowing the public to see what social work is actually all about. There is so much to be discussed on this topic and this event will be, I hope, one of the first of many opportunities to tackle this important conversation.”

Join us at the online event to listen in to Georgiana. The link can be found in the Events section of our website.