Developing an Understanding of the Complexities of Domestic Abuse


Tuesday 1st February 2022

14:00 – 16:30

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Kim Detjen, Independent Social Worker and Social Work Lead for London Borough of Havering. Kim was full-time Senior Lecturer for Social Work at University of East London and still teaches as an academic part-time for various universities. Kim is also a PhD student at University of East London – Domestic Abuse, Children & Families.

Aims of the Session

The aim of the session will be to explore some of the basic concepts of domestic abuse and gender violence more broadly. We will consider when women are at highest risk, what social workers (and other professionals) can do to support women, and the complex feelings and emotions that are often involved in domestic abuse cases.

There will be a focus on domestic abuse in the context of Children and Families social work.

The session will also look at some current research, as well as the facilitator’s own research, about the challenges faced by both the social worker and the women, and the concept of blame and stigma.

Please note that these workshops are only available for social care professionals working for Higher Education Institutes or a Local Authority which is part of the North East London Social Work Teaching Partnership.