Defining the Vulnerable: From Slavery to the Older Adult

Date and time

Thu, 1 July 2021

10:00 – 13:00 BST

Symposium on safeguarding of older adults from modern slavery to online fraud, with presentations from experts in the field and academics.

About this event

Join our final talk in the ‘Safeguarding Across the Life Course’ symposium series. The programme concludes with a series of presentations about safeguarding older adults from fraud, modern slavery and economic exploitation.

As societies recognise the extent of modern slavery both in the UK and across the globe, safeguarding practitioners have needed to become attuned to the warning signs of trafficking and economic exploitation. Vulnerable adults in particular have fallen victim to modern slavery whether from forced labour and debt bondage or sexual exploitation.

In this session we look at the issue of migrants who are vulnerable to human trafficking and associated forms of exploitation and abuse, how questions of cultural sensitivity are perhaps essential in understanding exploitative situations, and finally we turn to vulnerable adults who are susceptible to fraud and online exploitation. It may be a controversial question, but our discussion asks if, as the list of safeguarding concerns and responsibilities broadens, is it itself becoming a vulnerable concept?

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