Anti-Racism in Social Work Practice Webinars with Liz Howard and Wayne Reid

The North East London Social Work Teaching Partnership in conjunction with British Association of Social Workers (BASW) will be holding two webinars focussed on Anti-Racism in Social Work Practice for social care professionals across the Teaching Partnership.

The Black Lives Matter movement has exposed the horrendous injustice, discrimination and oppression faced by black and minority ethnic people on a daily basis around the globe. As a society, we fall dreadfully short of the mark when it comes to ensuring equality – and unfortunately, social work is not exempt. A real commitment to anti-racism within social work is a constant, ongoing process and these webinars are designed only as a brief overview.

Liz Howard; Qualified and registered social worker and Professional Officer with BASW England will be presenting on 15th April 2021, 1:30pm – 4:30pm. During Liz Howard’s session, the presentation will:

•            explore practical tools which can be used within direct work/reflective work spaces to identify prejudice and white privilege.

•            develop an understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement, and why it was a catalyst for change.

•            explore intersectional discrimination and racism within the context of black and ethnic minority communities.

•            gain an understanding of what is meant by a commitment to being actively anti-racist.

•            explore the major inequalities experienced by people, families and communities of black and minority ethnic backgrounds within everyday practice.

•            explore barriers to meaningful organisational change and how to overcome these.

Wayne Reid; Professional Officer, Social Worker and Anti-racism Visionary for BASW England will be presenting on 5th July 2021, 9:30am – 12:30pm. During Wayne Reid’s session, the presentation will cover:

•            Wayne Reid’s Social Work background

•            The British Association of Social Workers

•            George Floyd’s Murder

•            What is ‘Black Lives Matter’ and why is it relevant to Social Work?

•            Organisational responses to anti-racism

•            Implementing anti-racism in Social Work

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These events are open for staff working within the North East London Social Work Teaching Partnership only.