#AllTogetherNowWF – Pearl

The COVID-19 has been a difficult time for everyone, but through it communities have come together and people have gone above and beyond to help those in need.

#AllTogetherNowWF showcases staff and residents alike who have gone above and beyond during this difficult time.

Pearl Archibald

Pearl Archibald is a Safe Discharge Support Service Manager at Waltham Forest Council

Staff in Waltham Forest have been redeployed to help in the fight against Covid-19 as the Council continues to work with Whipps Cross Hospital to discharge patients safely, to help free around 15,000 beds across the entire NHS.

How have you been redeployed to support hospital discharge?

My role before the coronavirus outbreak was as a principal social worker in the MASH Team representing the Early Help 0-18 teams, screening referrals in order to provide help and support to children, young people and their families on a range of issues.

Due to my previous experience working in the hospital adults social care team, I have been redeployed to help manage the Safe Discharge Support Service ensuring people will be safe and supported when leaving hospital to return home or to a type of care facility.

I am now working alongside Adults Social Care, supervising the Early Help Team – whom have never worked in adults social care to support the service with hospital discharge to help relieve the pressure on the NHS – this is very different to what they have been doing previously as they are used to working with children and young people.

What is your role now?

In order to provide support to people being discharged from hospital, the Early Help Team and I will follow up with the Brokerage Team to ensure that the person has been provided with a suitable package of care, if they are returning home this may include liaising with their families who can also support by ensuring that the person for example will have food at home when they return. 

If there is no family help then the Safe Discharge Support Service will ensure that there is homecare support in place, and depending on the person’s circumstance and age – it could mean liaising with the Community Help Network recently set-up ensure they receive a food parcel, or the Social Prescribing Team – it could also mean liaising with organisations such as Age Concern to look at the support they can offer.

What support was provided to you and your team to be redeployed to adults social care?

The team received online training sessions using Zoom to support and help prepare them for their new role. Sessions included covering the Mental Health Act, the hospital discharge process and understanding the various terminologies used by adults and hospital staff.  Early Help staff were able to interact with the trainer and ask questions throughout the sessions. The Early Help Team have also used their transferable skills.

How has your working day changed?

The move from children’s back to adults has been a big change as the hospital discharge process has changed so much over the years – as well as getting used to shift and weekend work.

Both teams have been brilliant – without Adults Social Care and the Early Help Teams working together this would not have been possible. 

Young people and adults that I have worked with show a lot of resilience and both groups need support.  The older and the younger generations have so much to offer each other and I would love to see them working together more in the future.

Thank you to our redeployed Early Help Team and our Adults Social Care staff for their dedication to supporting our vulnerable residents in Waltham Forest during this time.

Originally published by Waltham Forest
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