Academic Mentor and lecturer delivers seminar on engaging BAME fathers during lockdown as part of an international antiracism virtual Summit hosted in the US.

Anti-Racism Virtual Summit 2021

The summit attracted over 3,000 practitioners including social work academics, lecturers and students studying social work. The focus of the summit was to explore white allyship which emphasises the use of power, privilege and resources to help elevate the voices of oppressed communities as part of anti-racist practice.

Kevin was the first speaker to present at the summit introducing attendees to problem based Learning (PBL) as part of teaching and learning in Higher Education. His practice research interests in promoting positive father involvement was his focus in applying problem based learning approaches to engaging fathers during the COVID -19 pandemic. He invited academic staff to consider how they would prepare newly qualified social workers and students for this challenge. Pressing themes as part of seminar included how to engage BIPOC (Black indigenous People of Colour) fathers as well as how to navigate issues of  historic domestic violence, abuse and introduced attendees to ‘Parental Alienation’ an extreme form of parental gate keeping as part of practice.

Challenges of father engagement as part or practice

Practitioners expressed frustration about the challenges of engaging maltreating fathers as part of gender based violence. The complexity of navigating alleged domestic violence as part of family relationships during a national pandemic presented another arduous task that lay ahead for student social workers once they qualify. Kevin created a much needed space as part of the seminar for exploration of practice issues along with answering student questions and fears whilst practitioners seized the opportunity to bring practice issues and lecturers explored how problem based learning could be used as part of their teaching.

Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Problem Based Learning is student centered and encourages self-directed learning around a particular issue or area of practice. For lecturers and academics interested in this approach this is particularly useful for students who are undertaking practice case studies and research/ dissertation projects. Linking problem based learning with practice issues, in this case engaging male carers and fathers, is a great way to get students stuck in with real issues of practice whilst out on placement. For students who are interested in this approach, they are more likely to commit and remain motivated to achieve their learning goals if it is a topic or subject that they are passionate about and aids self-efficacy. Kevin encourages learning experiences that supports students wishing to pursue engagement with fathers as part of problem based learning, whilst sharing best practice interventions around couple conflict and violence prevention work with fathers. Kevin is available to support and guide practice educators social work development leads in developing these approaches as part of training and teaching and learning development.

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